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Member Comments
I thought this was so clever and different!

I enjoyed the creative flow and how you presented it with levity and clarity.


God Bless~

P.S. I have staight hair, and for the record...I was always happy with it! LOL

I enjoyed this creative take on the topic. Thank you for exercising your creativity to stretch outside the box.
Oh I love this. What a wonderful way to start the day--with a huge grin and a few chuckles. Your take on the topic is fresh and I so enjoyed every word. I can totally relate. I used to hate that I had thick red hair. Kids tormented me. Now people pay tons of money to try to get that hair Co, or and density. Now that I can fully appreciate it, it's turned almost brown and is thinning rapidly. Who says God doesn't have a sense of humor? I bet he is chuckling at this stunning get story!
Very well written parody (I think.) It draws us in so we see ourselves at our worst.

When good ideas come write about it so you don't forget it.
Charming, hair-raising scenario! A most enjoyable read. I will think twice about getting a permanent!

God BLess~
Congratulations on ranking 13 overall. I really enjoyed this one! Happy Dance!