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Member Comments
This was so clever and out of the box fresh!

I loved it...well done, and you nailed the topic in a different and creative way.

God bless~
This is cute. It made me smile. It reminded me of my childhood job, naming the calves. When twin boys were born, I wanted to name them veal and cutlet. I was overused. Remember to start a new paragraph when someone different is acting, talking or thinking. You may want to put thoughts in italics to help them stand out. Overall, you did a great job of writing on topic in a fresh and light-hearted way. I enjoyed it.
This stirs the Irish blood in me, to be sure! :D
Good use of the "cow" and "green" themes.
I think the layout could have been spread out a bit more, with dialog in their own paragraphs and thoughts in italics. But that's just my idea of keeping it tidy.
Good job. Very creative.
A delightful read! Thank you for tickling this old gal's heart!
Wow! This is definately an original and very imaginative take on envy. Well done!