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Thank you for sharing this somber piece with us. The emotions and the message were palpable and certainly on topic.

I wanted to hug everyone in this story and say "I love you and so does God."

God bless~
This is a powerful story. I can see how it can happen. I remember my daughter's friend had a developmentally disabled brother and my Mom spoke to him, not noticing his sister until her mom introduced her. My mom felt horrible. Later the sister had a severe eating disorder. She was the middle child, older sister super smart and seemed perfect, younger brother needed so much of Mom's time. It made sense. You showed me that even more than what can be seen on the outside is often present. I think you did a fine job on this one.
This emotional roller-coaster is so graphically credible - especially in the mind of the MC when the truth finally dawns. Great writing.
This must have been a very difficult story to write, but it shows so clearly how envy can completely mask reality. Great writing.
I am guilty of a lack of awareness within my own family that troubles me from time to time. It seems the one who squeals the loudest gets the attention. You portrayed the experience of sibling rivalry so well and I love your choice of title. There's a touch of irony contained within - best served with self pity and acid reflux - and you write so vividly about your life experiences. You should round 'em all up and put them into a book. Now there's a thought!
Such a difficult story to write, even more so to live through.
God bless you in your understanding as you have grown in him. You do reveal a special humble sweetness.
You always come up with the funniest titles, even with tough topics :)

Self-pity and acid reflux usually are the result of ignoring 2 Corinthians 10:12

It sounds like your sister was actually protecting you.

Praying for God to continue to heal.
Sad but often felt emotions of two sisters. I see the envy developing with my granddaughters now. Which one will envy the other most?

This is very well done. I love your writing, it is always so real and heartfelt.
The reader captures the pain of the characters in this article. You have outlined it well and it is only at the end that we understand what was truly happening in the family. Thanks for sharing.