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Great title for an article that addresses a common, sad problem. We all want to be "somebody." We need to be seen, heard, and loved. But there's only One who can really fulfill that need. If we stop doing it our way and surrender to His way, we can finally become the person we were intended to be. Thanks for sharing!
You've really opened your heart here, without wallowing in your past like some "testimonies" which almost sound wistful about the "bad old days."
Thanks or sharing your journey - and your destination. Well done.
Wow, what a story. I laughed out loud at the Karen Black reference, as she was once a favorite of mine. Heart wrenching at times and so bluntly honest at others. Well done.
As always I love your self deprecating humour, your creativity and all the cute little snatches of your life. You never fail to entertain me. Keep 'em coming.
Love the honesty of this piece. This is the kind of writing that will engage readers, because we can all relate to these inner struggles.
Very touching in its honesty.
Well written and I appreciated your choice of words.I must say, altogether a great entry. Well done and I hope you do well with the judges.
You have a beautiful knack of speaking straight to the heart. From title to final line, your message comes through so clear. Awesome piece!
Wow- I smiled in so many places, and was in awe of your candor.

Thank you for sharing such intimate details and bringing forward in the process an award winning and compelling piece, that I'm quite sure will win it all!

Well done.

God bless~