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This was so touching and moving. Thank you for sharing this with us, and for writing with love and clarity in terms of your vision.

God bless~
What a beautiful vision God has given you! My husband and I love the Lord, but we pray in our own separate ways. I'm longing to pray "with him" as a friend, but he is comfortable the way things are. Maybe we need a vision! Great job! God bless!
This is an intriguing piece and covers several aspects. I think men definitely benefit from other strong male Christians, and would love my husband to seek and find that for himself. Talking God with a spouse is affirming and wonderful, and I thank God you have that, and that you recognise it as a great blessing. That vision sounds wonderful. I love that it gave you the certainty of your salvation and eternal reward, and showing that ongoing companionship with your wife. No wonder you think on it often. Praise our mighty and glorious God who refreshes us with His knowledge and understanding.
This is a beautiful piece. How fortunate of you to have experienced such a heavenly vision!