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The FaithWriters Writing Challenge and contest for Christian Writers!
The Official Writing Challenge
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Member Comments
You brought a beautiful story--that had an authentic tone--to life in this well written entry. Excellent writing.

God bless~
This story has a lot of excellent things going on, the setting, tone, pacing etc. are all great. I love the first line of the 2nd paragraph, "Bonnie kicked a stone down the gravel path. Walking had been a means of helping her to cope, a way to escape the growing fear and despair cawing like a flock of crows within her. But today Bonnie had agreed to think outside the box. She had grown tired of defeat and failure in her life..."
If I had to re-work this Challenge entry I would definitely use that for my opening line. It pulls the reader in and gets the reader thinking - asking questions etc. without telling them too much at once about the MC. The part about her always wanting to be the perfect Christian could be worked in later. Just a suggestion! Hope you do well inn the Challenge.
Love the title of this entry. Your story is real and hits many of us right between the eyes.

Good writing.