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Wow - I am so sorry for your devastating loss. Only those who have pets and love them know the anguish that comes from the last and final goodbye.

I have had many debates on this subject, pertaining to "heaven" and have had some people point to Ecclesiastes" and then others point to "Isaiah"...personally in my relationship with the Lord, I know He is a loving God and doesn't/wouldn't create such adorable little creatures to have it all end without continuing forward. I choose to believe, we will be reunited with our beloved pets in heaven. Until then, Jesus is tending to His flock of precious ones."

This was classically and hauntingly beautiful. Thanks for sharing your heart with us. I felt your hurt and mourned with you.

God bless you~
Romans 8:19 describes the wordless strain of the whole creation as it awaits our full revelation as God's children. I'm sure that the love that our pets express towards us and evoke from us is yet another example of God at work. A sign that redemption is not just a process of God collecting souls on a salvation-belt - like some kind of cosmic gun-slinger - but a renewal of all that we enjoy; and so much more.
First up, a huge, huge hug xxx

I could feel your pain, but even more so I could feel your hope. Powerful and raw, I think a lot of people will be able to relate to this and will find comfort in your message. God bless x
You did an excellent job of demonstrating love for your pet and your hope in heaven for God's creatures. I've heard debates about animals going to heaven, but I've decided that while we hope we'll see them in heaven, we'll be so happy walking with Jesus, we'll never know then if they aren't there. I know how you feel because of my little poodles who moved on out away from pain.
Oh, so sad and so well descriptive in your own pain. My thoughts and prayers are yours. I have a cat, and they rule.

Very well done on what must have been so hard to write.

Many blessings..

And I too, believe there are pets in heaven.