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The FaithWriters Writing Challenge and contest for Christian Writers!
The Official Writing Challenge
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Member Comments
I'm in tears at this moment. thank you for this encouraging, uplifting, faith building article. After the tears, I think I'll shout!
Wow-wow-wow! Moving and powerful and intensely and spiritually uplifting. It took my breath away!

I pray this does well with the judges. It encapsulates His Love is a consuming fashion!


God bless~
Here's someone who really knows their bible -- more than that, has caught (and experienced)the central message of scripture. You can almost hear the voice of God coming through.

Suggestions? Some attention to capitalization before you submit it perhaps.
First time I've ever commented on my own article. The capitalization was intentional, for effect:)
I don't get into poetry. I have a really hard time with it even though I want to get into it.

This piece really speaks to me, though. It's really It reminds me of one of my favorite chapters in the Bible - Psalm 139.

I knew this would score well! How can it not when it took my breath away and resonated beauty and truths.

Excellent work!

Congratulations on your EC and First place, so well deserved!

God bless~
Wow! That's brilliant! That end line was perfect. The whole poem made my spirit sing, resonating scripture. This poem certainly shall not come back empty, so infused with God's truth of all He says about us and Himself.

These things are what we need to remember when we believe the world which says we are useless or worthless - no! We are precious and protected.

This is one of my all time favourite pieces. A huge congratulations.