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Okay...lots of emotions. Well written. Hope it helps to put the past behind you, if this is a true story.
Categorically written in an emotional piece for the topic at hand. This well written piece should rate nicely.

God bless~
I see several important points in this piece. I think a lot of people will be able to relate to this and will be helped by reading it. Awesome job!
Thankfully,I never had to experience a bad marriage. I know there are many who struggle as this MC has. Thanks for sharing this emotional story of love. Blessings, LaVonne
This is obviously from the depth of your heart. You expressed your emotions well. My favorite line was
"standing proudly in my fractured faith." One suggestion would be to end it on a high note with the stanzas about God's love and sending Jesus. If you wanted to use the latter stanzas, they would work well before the part about the second husband.
This is a very insightful and emotional piece. I think it's also applicable to more than just divorce situations. I identified with a lot of these emotions and thoughts because of regrets in past relationships before my husband.