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What an experience to have gone through. A gripping story. It could be improved by giving a bit more "show" and less descriptive "telling". Maybe some dialogue between you and your sister, or, for example, the crash of a bottle as it fell from your father's hands.
Nevertheless, it kept me reading to the end. Well done.
Wow! You had me on the edge of my seat. This is a broken world that we live in. The ability to bring healing lies within the Holy Spirit at work in you and in your writing. Keep writing. Never stay quiet about all that our Savior is doing/has done.
My, what a story and to read that this is not fiction takes the breath away. Thankyou for sharing this amazing testimony - Jesus was there, Jesus is there.
What a moving true story. You've told it very well. Thanks for sharing it, and the way it told of the Lord's presence and peace.
Praise God for His intervention that day! Thank you for sharing that very powerful and inspirational story.
I am thankful for the peace Jesus gave to you in such an intolerable situation. You expressed it well.
I'm sorry you went through this as a child. Thank you for sharing this story. Well done. Good luck in the Challenge!
Wow- what a powerful intense and jarring read.

To realize this was based on actual events made it that more astounding in every aspect.

Praise God for His powerful hands of grace, the glory be His.

Amazing testimony of how Jesus never will desert us or leave us...He's the same yesterday, today and tomorrow, always.

Thank you for sharing your story with us.

God bless you~
Wow! Powerful story beautifully written. Thank you.
Love this true story that I could personally relate to.