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Since I am the mother of a 'Rosebud' myself, this was especially touching to me. A beautiful story, written beautifully. I loved the interwoven lives and events. Beautiful!
Beautiful description of the garden, could smell it. Sooo long since I've been in a spring garden! Roses don't thrive where I live. This is a delightful slce of life story of growth. Growth of a child and family, growth of love, growth of a home and garden. Loved it. Just one iddy biddy bit of info dumping: “for your thirtieth wedding anniversary... he gave me for my twenty-first.”
They would both know when they rec'd the gifts and wouldn't mention it in the conversation. Yeggy
Very well done.
This is so sweet and creatively composed. I liked the back and forth between last minute preparations and reflections on Kalika's wedding day and Jenna's diary. Nicely done!
Oh this is lovely, like a painting that moves...
You handle the time lines very well...I wonder...for me it continues a story from last week... I'll have to wait and see if I'm imagining that!
Very pleasant reading, thank you
Very nicely laid out! This story flowed back and forth and I think you did a great job showing emotions!:)
"And Spring had awakened the garden once more"..and such a lovely story of family, love, adoption and a Spring garden being the host at a wedding!
Such beautiful Thoughts flooded my mind as I read this it was a complete opposite of my, (I guess you might call it "dysfunctional") background; and the tears flowed from the beauty of it all. Great story! Kudos!
Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! I really enjoyed reading this and liked how you wove the diary entries into the piece...I love that sort of thing! Great job!!
Artfully crafted; deeply involving. Good job! I could "feel" the depth of relationship....
I love the way you go back and forth in time. This is just beautiful. You've described the setting so well that we're there, the family relationships can be felt, the symbolism is lovely too - well done.
Wow. You do a lot with this style of writing Jules.
It brings out so much.
I would love to see a longer version.
Or all of these that you're writing like this in a collection sometime...
Author's note: "Kalika" is a Greek name meaning "rosebud". I thought it was a particularly lovely name and suited the story. Thank you all for your kind comments.