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Excellent! Thanks for your candid account in your well written entry.

You've nailed the topic, great job.

God bless~
"and I wonder how God can put up with me."

How often we've all thought that...but soon remember the fact that He's God, and we're not. His ways are not our ways and He often puts up with far far more than we ever could. I'm reminded of Job's response to God in Job 42:3, "...I have uttered what I did not understand, Things too wonderful for me, which I did not know."

Writing should inspire us and make us pause and contemplate. Obvious this poem did just that for me. Thanks
I appreciate your honestly in this article. Your phrase - I surface pray sometimes - that's true for most of us, if we're as honest as you have been. Thanks for sharing. You've challenged me to keep it real.
Easy to relate with, this is a fine entry. It was like peeking through the windows of your prayer life while nodding in complete understanding. Thank you!