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Member Comments
Thank you for sharing this lovely story. Your attention to detail was mesmerizing, I felt as if I was there.

Beautifully done.

God bless~
The lure of something "better" than the good we have is often disappointing. I love the phrase "earthy promised land" at the beginning - great foreshadowing. I also like the almost stream of consciousness-like writing the moves the narrative along.
I too love your attention to detail. You carried me off to those places I would love to visit and never will. The story is even more interesting knowing that it's true. More of your escapades please. Great job.
My favorite line was: dreams unfulfilled, but never stilled --in this memorable journey of description.
It's like reading poetry in a way:) Your style has such an evocative flow! Well done
Absolutely a gem of vivid descriptions. Well done!
Amazingly descriptive and fluid to read. Lovely phrases and word usage. I like everything about it. Thanks.
Your turn of phrase was captivating. I especially loved this: beef on the hoof in the Kelly-green fields. It made me chuckle. Very well done!