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Member Comments
Wow- this was an intense story from start to finish!

Well written.

God bless~
Wow, indeed. I could read this on and on. Lovely detail and flow and I want to know more about the kitten and her adopted Mama, as well as your lovely cabins. That is a place I would love to stay.

I always love to read your writing. You belong in Masters. Very well done, my friend.
Great stuff here! This is some clean writing:) It felt real, and the above comment says it best; you belong in masters. Well done!
So - you had a whole group of ugly tourists, namely Southern Baptists. Tsk Tsk!

I would love to have visited the places you describe so vividly. And if you ever, in a moment of senility, choose a second run at your hospitality enterprise, then please give me a ring. I am a very nice, polite, wannabe tourist.
Your descriptions are magnificent. Your story-telling in wonderful. I liked beginning to end. Thanks for sharing.
Congratulations on ranking 17 overall! Happy Dance!