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You remind me of my big brother, the time he locked me in the meat cellar at my grandmother's house.

This is very well written and leaves me with a smile. I would like to read more of your work.

Great job.
I longed for a sister but all I got were brothers - it's just not the same! However, I enjoyed your account of the trip to the big city with your sister. Those are precious memories to look back on someday.
I have a brother who is only a year older than me, and he tortured me plenty growing up. Your story is so real, because it reminds us that even though we fought with are siblings, we have that bond that will not be broken. I enjoyed it very much. Thanks for sharing.
A very warm and enjoyable read about how time changes our perspectives - and our sibling relationships.
What a charming (and real) relationship you've painted! I am the oldest of eight of this story feels familiar to me:) Thanks for sharing
This piece put a big smile on my face. It reminded me how there's no substitute for quality face-to-face time. I thoroughly enjoyed your creative take on the topic. Well done!
You do a nice job of showing the special relationship of sisters. I enjoyed this because it is different from other stories I have read.

I appreciate that you started out with a conflict right out of the box. That's a good thing to do. You did start out with a passive sentence. Instead, you might want to consider making it active with something like this: I cringd as I recalled my mean-spirited attitude towards my sister when we were kids. One time, I snatched her doll out of her arms and taunted her.
I tried to use active verbs that help the reader visualize the scene. Also remember to use hyphens when stringing words together to make an adjective such as a three-hour-long trip or well-tuned orchestra.

Overall, I enjoyed the fresh take on the topic. The bond between the sisters is sweet, especially since there were problems growing up. It encourages others that even old wounds can be healed with God's help, a sincere apology, and the right attitude. I believe this delightful story will encourage others to work on past broken relationships. Nice job.
Makes me smile as I read your words. And, I had just hung up from speaking with my older sister who ironically said, "No matter how many years or how far we live from each other, the bond stays forever..."

Excellent job.

God bless~

God bless~