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Very emotionally charged heart ached reading this, and yet I smiled at the beautiful spirit of your grandmother. She sounded like a special special lady.

I'm sure she knew you loved her. Unfortunately, when we're young...sometimes we have a tendency to reflect on the "here and now" of self. Don't be hard on yourself, she knows you loved her, and you'll see her again where she'll tell you so in person, this time you get to spend eternity together.

God bless~
Thank you for opening your heart to share memories that echo many of our own regrettable attitudes of adolescence, and trying to be the central points of the whole universe. Great title too.
I go through similar thoughts, and have to remind myself that as children, we can only function as immature, undeveloped children. If that doesn't work well, it is the adults who need to make adjustments.

I also believe many others are going through the same thing. Realizing this would make the journey so much easier to tolerate. Your story will help others to face these unresolved issues from the past.
I enjoyed reading your memories. I, too, have things about my own childhood I'd like a "do-over" for.
I share my home with a teenager - and I do have to frequently remind myself what the dear Lord said about planks and specks :)

I loved your honesty. The feelings of regret you describe are something many could relate to. Great work!
This is a real tear jerks. My heart ached for the young MC. Oh, if we could only learn those lessons before it's too late. I still mourn not asking my family more questions, writing every memory down, and the times when life seemed complex at the time, but in reality, was quite simple.

I stumbled a bit over this sentence:
We lost Gram while preparing to graduate from Anaheim High School in California.
It sounds like Gram was preparing for graduation. Also, although I'm sure there was a reason, I did wonder how the sisters graduated at the same time, even though they were a year apart.

I know I'm nitpicking, but sometimes tweaking little things can elevate a story greatly. I like your take on the topic, and I appreciate your wisdom. This piece definitely touched my heart and reminded dedicated me not to wait until it's too late.
dksjfkl;asjfa;ljsjfkajsdlfkj!!!!!!!!!! okay!!!!! Why isn't this titled "Please Read With Tissues In Hand". Wow! How emotional! Great job with this! How true is this!!!!! Some of the strongest regrets we'll know are over the things we take for granted.
Written well, exposing the heart so we could all see what the MC went through.
I agree that youth is wasted on the young. If only we could turn back the clock. This is an emotional piece written from the heart and one that many of us can identify with. I like to read this kind of entry.