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I enjoyed this much more than I did when my parents took me to DC when I was too young to appreciate it. You pulled me back into time, and it felt like I was there once more. This time with a much better attitude!

My main red ink would be when you quote someone's words, make sure it's exact, including punctuation and is surrounded in quotation marks. I'm not sure if I agree with you that Lincoln was an infamous war hero. I don't think people remembered him for his bad qualities nor would most consider him disreputable. I'm not sure if it was a typo, a misunderstanding of the word, or your opinion, but it did make me stop and think.

I loved your details and the descriptive words. I could almost feel the breeze from the river and see the sun sparkle off the stone. Even now, I can remember smells from when I was last there, all because of your delightful descriptions.
I, too, am in awe when I visit the Lincoln Memorial.