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Oh wow. You did a wonderful job of using words to evoke powerful emotions inside of me. I was hooked from the beginning and hung onto every word until the end. Outstanding job.
War is never without cost. I am so thankful to the men and women who fight for our freedom. It must have truly memorable to meet an actual soldier from WWII.

Red Ink: The last two sentences in the first paragraph should be joined together.
A very well done and sobering piece.

One small red ink: "ninety's" would be "nineties".

Great job with bringing out the somber emotion throughout!!!
I really enjoyed reading this article despite the sombre subject matter. I'll probably never visit Pearl Harbour, but you paint a good picture. Ending with the encounter with the veteran allowed you to bring out a positive comment that would have sounded hollow if you had used your own words.

thank you for the experience
Very skilful work that covers the panoramic beauty of the whole setting; its contrast with the raw evil of warfare; the descriptions of its emotional impact; and the sense of hope and gratitude expressed by the veteran as you wrapped it up. It should place well.
Well written. A good reminder that not all tourist attractions are about fun and games; some, like this remind us of important and sobering history.
Powerful subject matter. The mood in the writing was appropriate and made for a very cohesive piece:) Well done:) This will do well, I hope:)
Very powerful and poignant. It must have been an experience that would be impossible to forget, and although I've never been myself, I felt as though I was standing in the room with you. In fact, the only red ink I have has been said before - nineties, not ninety's. I hope this piece does very well. Awesome job!
Thank you for sharing your experience and reminder that our freedom and salvation were costly!
Congrats on your placement. Your article is very touching. Thanks for sharing your well written entry.
Congratulations, Cindy, on your 3rd place EC. Well deserved!