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Grate use of this week's topic. I think each of us know at least one family member that might hit a nerve now and then.
You can choose your friends, but you are stuck with family. Still, you've taken us through your MC's mood (or your mood if this is autobiographical) and opened the door for God's grace to build his peace. Well done.
Great take on the topic. This had me laughing. You did a wonderful job describing all the personalities. Makes me want a dish of mac-n-cheese.
God Bless
Excellent job in content and delivery...well done. I really enjoyed this well written piece.

God bless~
You did a wonderful job of painting some awesome pictures. I especially enjoyed the snot and infected toes. It made me shudder, but in a good way. The only thing that bothered me a bit was the all-too-familiar kiss. My mind went to child molestation. I'm not sure if that was your intention, if so then you should expand on it. I'm guessing it was more that each year he kissed the MC, but thought I'd point it out in case. Everything else was near perfect. I liked your double take on the topic. You did a nice job with the conflict and the resolution. Nicely done.