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As I read this, it built my appetite and my anticipation, as it was so descriptive. Thankfully for my empty stomach, your result defused the appetite - but hey, that shows how well-written your story is. Great work.
This is so well written. I imagined being in the kitchen with Grandma as she made her prized dumplings. Then you went to a deeper level by asking: 'why did I let myself be put off by your perfectionism? I could have learned so much from you!'
Well done! I hope you rank highly.

Fantastic job with this! It was as if I was there...well done!

God bless~
This is a sweet story that I'm sure your family will treasure for years. I've also kicked myself for not writing down my grandparents' memories. It's easy to think they'd be here forever.

Although you mention grating, it isn't really the center of the story. You could take that line out and I'd never have a clue to the topic. Be careful about overusing exclamation points. Try to keep them to dialog and only use them sparingly. Instead let your words do your exclaiming.

You make some great points in this charming tale. Your message is clear and something we can all relate to. I liked your tie in with the Bible verse. I think if you trimmed it down, it would make a great devotion. You should consider submitting it to FW devotions (word limit is 300 words). You did a nice job.
This entry flowed nice and I was enticed by the descriptive phrases you used. My own memories came flooding back of my sister and I making dumplings. By the time we were down they would have made great paperweights. I am not certain if the judges will consider this on topic which is a shame because it was so well written.