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This devotional has a wonderful message. I liked the way you broke the message down into three parts.
The account of Daniel is an excellent example of faith under fire. So inspiring. I learned something new by this: "According to some sources, Psalm 119 was written King David in a way that helped children learn the Psalm by heart. Each of the 22 stanzas follows the Jewish alphabet." Very interesting.
Keep writing
I really liked the idea of taking the story of Daniel and his friends as an example of resolution and showing the words of Psalm 119 that they may have used in their actions. One suggestion. Your statement that "According to some sources, Psalm 119 was written King David in a way that helped children learn the Psalm by heart" would have been stronger if you had specifically cited one of the sources. It may just be a pet peeve with me because people often say "It says in the Bible... when the statement they use isn't in the Bible. I don't doubt your quote is accurate. I would just suggest attributing it to make it stronger. Thanks for challenging me to think aobut David and Psalm 119 together.
Well done and well said.

I've always loved Psalm 119 from begininng to end, and when I learned years ago that it was in fact an "acrostic" Psalm with the HEBREW alphabet, it became even nearer and dearer to my heart. As a Christian, this is so important in so many ways.

Great job with the topic and your message.

God bless~
I like the way you showed how Daniel and his three young Jewish friends resolved to obey their God and used excerpts from Psalm 119 to display this.