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You have such a way with words. Your story is creative, flows nicely and has a wonderful message. And I learned something new besides - was not familiar with this particular tree before.
What a magnificent analogy!

Stellata, eh? I must look out for her type. And if and when I do meet one of her children in this far-away land, I'll think of all her she said to you - the one who loved the storyteller.
Now THIS is the way to anthropomorphize a tree! Just stunning...

I love this: ...Each year left a mark in her soul, and a hope in mine...

You did a perfect job of giving us the concept of a tree pointing the way to God, without endowing the tree with godlike qualities. Lovely!
As an ex-tree-climber, I could identify with this retreat into the branches! Well-told and thought-provoking.
This beautiful tree with such a lovely name could melt the heart of a Lumber Jack! With the exception of "striped of beauty" instead of stripped of beauty (a small typo)...I thought it magnificent! A great read! AND a creative author. Kudos!
This was one of my favourites this week... the idea of have a special place to go for comfort, solace, and strength. I could feel the peace and reliability.
Pat, this piece shines. It is creative and in all ways excellent. I hope to see it in the winner's circle. Wonderful, beautiful work.
Excellent and beautiful writing. This line - I soon understood to reach beyond my circumstances; to look beyond the dark clouds – God was always there even if I couldn’t see Him. - ministered to me, right now in my very dark and cloudy circumstances. Thank you. Very Beautiful. God bless you.
You painted such a beautiful picture with your words!! I was taken away with your character. Excellent writing!!Wonderful!
Very well done - the personification worked very well.
Wow, beautiful!!! Sweet imagery, nice flowing expression.