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I am so glad we, as Christians, have someone to call on at all times.

God is able to use anyone as His spokesperson if we only obey.

I would have liked to hear more about the doctor's words to the MC.
Emotional. Along around para. 12 I think it was there's a sentence which says "I wouldn't have gone home..." I didn't get it being there. It didn't make sense to me. Was I confused? Also pallor should have been pallid, I think.
Excellent job!

God bless~
Hi Loni. I've tried sending you your ratings report, but your email is bouncing back. Do you have an alternate email address? Send me a private message to let me know. Thanks. Deb
God sure knows how to put just the right people on our path. Sometimes we have to recognize that God is using us to plant seeds, or water them, and the harvesting will be left up to someone else.

I am sure the MC's wife witnessed to her husband by the way she lived her life as well. Sometimes actions speak louder than words.

A little critique- I was confused over who was having the anxiety at the beginning of your story; the caller or the MC's wife?
True life often gives us great inspiration.
I hope a bit of red ink is okay... You only used the husband's name, Irvin, once in the story, but "husband" many times. I think using his name and/or terms of endearment or just "he" would communicate the wife's warmth and love, as well as provide more variety in language for the reader.
I love reading how God moves in miraculous ways, and of course, happy endings.