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Member Comments
This poem is well written and simply delightful. The stanzas about the individual trees especially - outstanding. Great job.
Wonderful writing.
I remember, as a boy, seeing the grandeur, the variety, the peaceful community of trees and you have captured their splendor in a perfect reflection of my younger thoughts. Thank you for taking me back to a more innocent time when I could lay under the summer boughs and ponder creation.
A magnificent poetic reflection on Trees! Bravo! As a poet myself, I know how much hard work goes into making the rhyming flow...and it did! Beautifully! Great job of the subject with super poetic and talented ability! Kudos!
Lovely poem! What a story! I really enjoyed your work. Excellent!
Just gorgeous! I'd like to see a group of children do this as a dramatic reading in church.
Great poem!
What a play on words for your hint dear friend! And once again, you WOW us with your talent and insight! I knew this had to be yours! Absolutely - everything!