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LOL, truth is always the best humor. Great work!
Hmmm, this reads familiarly. Great fun and truth! :)
Funny - and truthful. :-)

Wondering about the plural topic, trees, and the "forest" of those with rings that are growing wider and wider - ?!?

Liked this line: "All I really need is four willing friends to chop me off my computer chair, haul me on a stretcher to the nearest gym and drop me through the roof."
I love your dry wit. I also wonder how much of this is autobiographical. Whether true about you or others who read your account, let me just say that the time you devote to your health will be better for me. If you live an extra year on this earth because of more trips up and down the stairs, then I will be better off; blessed by reading the fruits of your ever-increasing insights, the mirth of your witicisms, and the humility of your walk. The kingdom needs more of what you will continue to find and share.

I am now motivated to only use the upstairs phone and the upstairs bathroom. Thanks.
Oh:) you heard my own thoughts today!! What are rolls doing on me!! This was so cute and a good take on trees..I will forever think of my rolls as tree rings.Very good humor!
This one is hilarious too! I think I've heard that "Hmmm" once or twice (okay it was more than that but who's counting!)

Great story:)
I loved it, I loved it, I loved it! So true and so witty! I especially liked where you write about Jesus holding the "little lamb, not the big fat ewe"; I laughed aloud. This piece taught me something! There are some times when God says "Hmmmm at one of those requests that is definitely a "Do it Yourself Type problems"! Great Job! Kudos!
Funniest thing I've ever read here!
'Help me to start exercising (even though I never have)' You got me on this one! Tehe! There is something here for everyone! What fun! Loved it!
ROFL and laughing and laughing and...'H-m-m-m'... OK, I'm off to the gym! LOL!
ROFL! I love it too! Especially this line: "It means I have to get up off my blessed assurance and put faith into action." Well done!
Delightful -something that many many people can relate to - or are looking foward to (not lol)!
I just picked this at random. If it's any indication of your writing, I will enjoy reading more. You do a great job of painting a picture I can see as I smile my way through the piece. Excellent work.
Look forward to reading more!