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The FaithWriters Writing Challenge and contest for Christian Writers!
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Member Comments
I liked this a lot,maybe because I can identify so much with the feelings expressed. I think it was very emotive.
This piece was well written. It conjured up the picture of the labyrinth of life and the decisions the MC made along the way.
So well done and completely on topic!

Nice job...

Lovely allegory. I might have done something different with the title, perhaps including labyrinth, but that is not significant. I hope this does well.
I too, identify with this. It's a lovely account of an experience that is UNlovely to be in.
In critique, I wonder if para five was necessary? Keeping me, the reader, somewhat removed from your personal details worked really well, and sharing that small bit intruded slightly on a private reflection.
Minor though. It was great.
I really enjoyed this entry. I could feel the MC's battles and you portrayed a Biblical truth for all of us.
Good luck in the challenge.