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Member Comments
I love your experiences from the "good ole days." Your writing is warm and a joy to read. God Bless
Thanks for this glimpse into what "social" meant in the past. I enjoyed reading it. Let's not let go of dinner parties and connecting face to face.
I think you nicely said it all.

Many are where you are and others will soon join the group and will wonder where did the time go?

Nicely written.
So many salient points in this well written and "on topic" article. Great job!

I agree that this had a warm comfortable feel to it. Ironically, it was written in a style similar to a Facebook post. :)

Thanks for sharing. I, too, remember the old school parties and socials. I like your social commentary on how we have continued to move away from being a face-to-face society to a text/social media one. I often wonder where that's going to lead us to.

So, not only was your piece warm and comfortable, it made me think more deeply about the topic you brought up, and that is possibly the highest purpose of writing.

Nice job.
This piece had the quality of a face-to-face meeting. I liked reminiscing about the good old days; it brought back fond memories.