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Member Comments
As a former missionary, I especially enjoyed this. I thought you did a good job.
Wow - This was phenomenal!

Well done...

This was very informative and inspiring. Good job.

Congratulations, Lisa, on placing 2nd place in the Advanced category and winning an EC award. These amazing lives helped to change the world for Christ,

Are you moving up to the Masters?
Lisa,this is a truly inspiring story about the livesof three missionaries.

I heard Elizabeth Elliot's (Jims's wife) speak about how the wives of some of the murdered missionaries came back to witness to the tribes that had murdered their husband.

These men had been radically changed by faith of these heroric missionaries. These men came to know Jesus for themselves.

Congratulations on your 2nd place win in advanced and EC award.
Congratulations, Lisa, on your EC!
If you have not already read it, you would enjoy the book End of the Spear, by Steve Saint.
I liked the historical take on this topic and the subjects you chose as winner's of the faith- Nicely done.