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I liked this story. I hope Gary's words stayed with the MC. It ended in an unusual way, I thought, and left us to wonder and speculate.
This is a nice story. I liked the dialog. You showed some subtle conflicts with the drinking and Botox, but it could have been more intense if she had been able to express why she felt she needed to drink. I'll admit, I groaned a tiny bit at the ending. It's turned into almost a cliché ending when a mysterious stranger disappears, but the reader knows it's an angel. Perhaps instead, he could have been a strong Christian who witnessed to her and put her in a cab after inviting her to church or something. With all that said, I still enjoyed your message immensely. I have to smile at how God does things. This is not the first time this week where I've come across the worry passage. I know God inspired you to write this and had me read it just when I needed it most. For that, I'm so grateful.
Congratulations, Francie, on winning your highly commended award in the Advanced category

I enjoyed reading your story but felt the ending was too forced.

Congratulations on Highly Commended.