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Member Comments
This poem leaves me in utter awe. Powerful, powerful, powerful. Thank you so much.
Awesome Linda, as always. You manage to pack so much into such a little space, and the Holy Spirit shines through in power.
Wow Linda! I could feel the hiss from Satan's lips! The vile pride! And Jesus' quiet strength and assurance in His Father! Wow!
Linda - I meant I could 'hear' the hiss from ...! (great job) I didn't mean feel the hiss from ... - Gross! Love, Pat
Evidently everybody knows the Author of this fantabulous piece! A person named Linda. I do not know the Author...but this is awesome! Absolutely, definitely and incredibly the most...I'm lost for words!
What can I say? A Winner for sure! I'm in awe, in absolute awe and speechless! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! You've made writing an Artistic masterpeice!
Clever perspective. Very well done!
Amazing! The hissing serpent was very evident!
There is power and beauty in your words. A work of art...magnificent!
Blessings, Lynda
When I first read this, I did not like the way you used repetition; it didn't fall in predictable places. I reread it a few days later and I felt very different. It worked. Very good poem, awesome image.
Ugh ... the images of the serpent hissing out his message absolutely reviles me ... which is praise for your writing, Linda!

I can see why you and your husband discussed this long and hard ... but anyhow, from an artistic point of view, I love it. I bet I know your husband's argument though ;-)

(I wimped out with my theologically knotty piece.)

WELL DONE!!!! (Even as I shudder thinking of those evil horrible suggestions.)
This is so clever - you always have such original ideas. Awesome piece - really makes you think.
I love the repetition and the irregularity of the poem. It made me imagine the serpent weaving back and forth, whispering alternately in both of Jesus' ears. It sent shivers down my spine. And your opening paragraph sets the scene perfectly. Brilliant writing!
Very well done, loved the poetry and the imagery. So close to other 'false promises' satan offers elsewhere in the scriptures. Yeggy
Somehow I envisioned Satan as depicted in Mel Gibson's "Passion of the Christ" saying this...without even trying. I see the voice, the eyes in my mind's eye.....this script could have been part of the movie!!!! Very graphic, dripping with evil. Good job, Linda!