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Member Comments
This story certainly made me want to read to the end--I wanted to find out what happened. I also wanted to know more about the escape: where did you go? what did you do?
Wow! I want more! Good job!
Yes, I'd like to know how you made the escape and to where. You can work this into a longer story. I really enjoyed it
Great story and I liked your style. It read well and kept me intrigued. I wanted to know more about how their relationship continued after that.
This was very readable and well written. An economy of words. Amelia Jane's story is only too relevant in the world today. Thanks for writing.
And then.....? I am waiting with baited breath for what happened next! Very well written, very entertaining and extremely addictive, as in "wanting more"! Well done!
This was great! Unusual style--I liked it.
Your first sentence caught me and the story pulled me right on until the end. I too wanted to know more! Good writing!
A true-to-life discussion from the viewpoint of one who dared to investigate and offer compassion. Good lesson!!
Great way of handling a sensitive issue. Loved your style. So real and heart-wrenching. And yes, I'm waiting with baited breath to see what happens next. Well done.