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Very funny!
Hahaha! I have trouble with that "no" word, too. lol
Oh, this story could never happen... more than a hundred times a week. Very fun story. : - )
I am so delighted to have come upon this gem of humor. I am ashamed to admit that I have played hide-and-seek in various stores when I didn't want to or had time to talk to someone I knew. And especially if I knew the person to be a gossip, someone wanting something from me, or a complainer.
This was hilarious, and my daughters enjoyed it when I read it out loud to them, complete with trying to imitate a supermarket intercom. They were giggling a lot all the way through!
Aaah Lynda, I can always count on you to make me smile. What a gift you have :)
'When I saw her squeezing toilet paper in aisle 7 that Tuesday afternoon' Perfect visual for someone like that! And from someone who has learned to say 'no'- her lines of 'being able to count on you' made my blood boil! Can't stand manipulators like this! Loved this whole scenario! A most entertaining read!
Somebody has called you Lynda - but whoever this is, she's professional when it comes to writing! Perfection in that department, and witty in the humor Dept. and so correct in the Hide & Seek Dept...we've all done it! I kept thinking you would be found out when the loud speaker came on saying,"Will the person who picked up the baseball hat on Aise #7 - Please return it to the Service Dept! Thank you!"...but I loved your story. Very well done!
Very entertaining and real to life. A good read. I enjoyed it!
Oh dear ... this works so very well because we can so identify with it. Like only yesterday when ... okay ... you were telling the story. Anyhow, all that to say not only is the content barely exaggerated 'large as life', but you've touched a chord with many of us, I'd say. Well done!
What a hoot! Loved this!
This literally made me laugh out loud! Several times. What a gem of a story - so relatable, plus a nice little message to all those "recruiters" out there. :-)
lol! Very good ..... as always! Quite the true to life tale. How come all the people in my life say NO quite easily? lol!
This story had me turning red as I realized that I am the main character! How easily we write off people who we only see at pests, neglecting to see that they have a gift of persuasion that, thank goodness, many of us lack! This might sound crazy to you, but because of this story, I'm gonna go ahead and turn myself in to help! I don't think I can run another marathon in my efforts to get away!
Cute - really cute! Loved the squeezing toilet paper part...and the incognito hat and sunglasses...and running over the old lady. LOL A delightful read. :-)
What a hoot!! I love the characters, Sharon and Melinda, and definitely look forward to reading more of their lives in the challenges to come.
Lynda, girl, you crack me up! Thanks.