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I recognize this story, thanks for sharing in more detail the amazing strength available to those who choose to rely on God's grace. Truly you not only honor God with this story but your mother in-law and wife. I am humbled and exhorted by their steadfastness. Well written and captivating. Thanks for the great story.
Tanya, I don't like respond to my own writing here rather than a message on your message board, but I feel that my response could help others. Thank you for your feedback. You had mentioned that you recognized the story. I would like to clarify that for others. Rewrites ate prohibited and frowned on because they eliminate the creative aspect. All writings should be created after the topic is given. It certainly was not my intention to do that. My intentions were to, as you put it, broaden personal characteristics of characters I had previously written about. My wonderful mother-in-law had so many good qualities and I was hoping to show a mother's love in the first and her tenacious spirit in this writing. I certainly apologize if the writing had too many similar points in it. I will copy this to the judges and hope they accept my apology if I had gotten to close to the line of rewrite. Hope this clarifies my position. We all have so many qualities and characteristics and I will in the future try not to be repetitive or to be on the lighter side, Plagiarize myself. Hope this helps you and others.
This is a powerful story. I don't think you can do it justice in such a short span. I wonder if that is why it felt familiar to someone, you've told bits of it before. Instead, I'd urge you to focus on just one section. Because it is a true story, all of those facts are important in your mind, but don't necessarily need to be in there for the readers. Instead just focus on one part and use dialog, body language, and thoughts. You have a great message here. Good type.
A heartbreaking and simultaneously inspiring piece contrasting two perspectives and responses to the same circumstances.
As I read the story through, I lost track of who was who and also I lost track of when things were taking place.

I think the story has merit but I would not want the readers to be as messed us as I seem to have gotten.
Excellent story, well said and well told

Powerful story.
Congratulations on ranking 3rd in your level and 16 overall. Happy Dance.