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Oh my goodness! This was hilarious and made me laugh so. I could totally relate to the dad in this story. This piece was very entertaining and certainly kept me interested. I had to read it to the end.
This is a hoot. I agree parents have to have some fun. I thought this was cute and the dialog felt authentic.

Make sure you really proofread. I found quite a few errors. Have someone read it aloud for you to help you catch things.

You did a great job of painting a picture and left me chuckling.
Great job,
I agree with the others. This is a great story! I did bump into some spelling errors, too, but you're story line is great! (btw I just saw a lion when I was in Kenya in April....but no wampus cat!)
A howling good time. Loved the nice quiet mood setter beginning - shattered with comedy. Great flow.

Red letters - I think you meant ... it is too "quiet."
Parents need to have some fun, or else they might go insane.
And dats the tooth.
I can see this being played out with my two young grandsons and their creative and fun dad. You should win an award for creative parenting as well. Congratulations on placing this week! God bless.
Congratulations on your 3rd place finish in the Advanced category, Phillip.