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Thank you so much for sharing your story. What a terrible thing for that doctor to say. Thank the good Lord that your parents relied on Him instead of their doctor, and that you are here today to write this story. I was moved to tears.
Truly powerful. This brought tears to my eyes, and few entries do that. Thank you for sharing, and for showing that there is, truly, Hope. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

God bless,

The phrase, "For such a time as this" comes to mind. Use your gift of writing and share your story for God has a plan for you!
This piece deserves to place!
What a wonderful story of faith - thank you for sharing this with us!
Beautifully written--so full of faith.
Beautifully written story of courage and faith... thank you.
Wow! What a testimony - you are a living miracle who was meant to write this piece! Great job!
Wonderfully written story! Thanks!
A precious story, all the more so because it is about someone we know! Thank you for enterng into the experience of your parents and sharing it.
Absolutely beautiful, tender, and full of faith. It's a testimony of Hope. I love it!
This was quite a moving piece with a wonderful message of hope and renewal.... and true, to boot! Excellent work!
Wow! And Double Wow! What an awesome testimony of the power of prayer! Beautifully written. Thanks so much for sharing your story.
Blessings, Lynda
It was a lovely touching story, but when I got to the bottom and learned that it was YOU, wow ... it suddenly became so much more special.

Friends of mine are waiting to deliver their baby daughter, whom they've been told will not live long outside, and in the unlikely event that she does, will be severely mentally retarded. Many of us, their friends, are pleading for a miracle too. Otherwise she too will be going home.

A special story ... and for me, it comes at a special time. Thanks.
Wow. I assumed you were writing the story of family friends. Then to read that you were the little girl made it that much more touching.

I loved the lines: "Just one more hug, please. They’d taken her son away without her ever having held him – were they now going to take her daughter away forever also?" I can't even begin to imagine the fear in your mother's heart.

This was such an engaging story and you wrote it very effectively. Great job Jules and I'm sooo glad your parent's were full of faith.
Oh, Julianne. This was such a touching story.
I'm really glad you shared it and reminded us all to have hope, no matter what people of the world have to say about it.