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Enjoyed the dialog, good at convicting of our pride in good deeds.
This reminded me of the "mostly dead" line from a movie. This sobering reality awaits many. Good message. I'm glad the Pastor was only mostly dead and got a chance to repent.
Enjoyed this. Liked the surprise ending. I didn't see it coming.

Thanks for this - God bless - Trudy
Glad to see God granted this fellow "repentance unto life" through faith in Jesus.
Stories like this may give a person who desires his life of sin a sense of false hope and encourage them to put off their repentance and obedience to the Gospel as preached by Peter in Acts chapter 2.

Don't encourage what may never come to pass even in a well written piece that may be written just for "fun".
This is well written, but I am not sure it is altogether founded on the bible.