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Wow! This is beautiful! I especially like the part where the Father places His hand on the empty throne - and the stanza where the Father takes the Son's hands. Awesome piece.
Absolutely beautiful. I read slowly, to absorb each phrase and heartfelt word. I thought this piece flowed very well. The only stanza I hesitated on was the one where "Son" is mentioned three different times. No big deal, but it was something that stuck out to me for some reason.
Wonderful take on "Home." A great reminder of what a sacrifice Jesus made by leaving His home and the Father's side in order to save the world. Awesome!
Blessings, Lynda
I echo all the praise Laurie and Lynda gave this exceptional piece. Excellent.
Absolutely lovely. I like the way you personified Praise, Honor, and Glory (and a few others) by capitalizing them.

My favorite line: "...The Father whispers, the Son speaks, the Spirit confirms,
‘It is finished’
Beautiful. Awesome. I just want to read this again and again. Well done.
A very lovely poem - great images.
Beautiful, stunning... and His return to Home ensured our place there...
This is beautiful! Took me right where I needed to go just now. Wonderfully written!
A beautiful, beautiful poem.
That was awesome! Well done!
Wow...I never ever pictured or imagined the scene from this side!Your words painted a beautiful picture. How ever do you think to even write from that perspective?? Terrific!
Wow! from yet another reader. Vivid. The Father whispers, the Son speaks, the Spirit confirms,
‘It is finished’ I think my heart fluttered when I read that lol.
Gorgeous imagery! Nice job
Oh, Yes! What an excellent poem from a perspective we never think of at the time of the crucifixion and Christ's ascension! So inspiring. Truly beautiful!
Stunning. The visuals are just perfect. A winner in my book. To put together words the way you do ... wow. What a wonderful gift!
The way you start with the empty throne, waiting for the Son to come home and then move on is very effective.

Your words are artwork.

Well done.
Awesome! Heartwarming! So extraordinarily beautiful! What else is there to say? God Bless!
I agree with all the above! Pat, this was VERY well done.

I loved the lines: "Then the Father takes the hands,
of Redemption’s price,
to lovingly stroke the scars of anguish –
the scars of Victory.
And places them upon His heart,
holding them close." That is such an image!

Being the mom of three sons, sometimes I look at them and wonder how God could have released Jesus to such pain, just for us...I know I wouldn't be able to do it.

Great job of showing us God's heart! Hope you place well with this one!