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This is a heart-wrenching call to evangelism. Realistic voice. Well done!
The loser mentality and longing voice in this story are...wrenching. I find myself asking, "What imprinting has been going on to bring this teenager to this point?" And then, this section was revealing: "Was God really out there? Why couldn’t he be here with me? If he was though, he’d be ticked off about every mistake I make, just like Pops. Reverend Wickson said God was heavily into righteousness. I make too many mistakes. He’d be all over my case. Pops was right. I was good for nothing." I personally just want to pour grace all over this kid and prove to him that he is loved. :-)
My heart is breaking for this guy in fact I am kinda depressed for him! Convincing writing.
I keep wondering if this is fictional. His Dad did loan him his car...couldn't be all bad? Anxious to see who wrote this, as it is unquestionably an unhapppy story, and touches the heart.