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This is fascinating! It's hard to believe that it's modern day. The story is really well-written and gripping (despite the 2 typos). ;-)
This home schooling mother appreciated your story. Thanks. Just like Christian persecution around the world, this struggle isn't one people are aware of.
Wow - at first I thought this was a future-tale. Very well done!
Excellent writing and a great wake-up call.
Amazing story! It's something that we must all be aware of, especially since the direction of the U.S. might eventually go this way. Thanks for such a stirring piece!
Gripping, intense, hooked me and kept me. A great job of portraying the messeage of homeschoolling persecution. Very well done!
Excellent dramatization of things that are actually going on in Germany, and other EU countries.
You communicated the sad facts in a gripping tale. Well done. yeggy
I'm with Yeggy. You've managed to convey the facts by showing us rather than telling us and the message comes across loud and clear. Well done.
Another excellent piece ... as we have all come to expect from you! Looks like it could be yet another winner! And the message was right on. Perfect!
Incredible story, masterfully written! You handle words with the precision of an architect and the heart of an artist. Absolutely wonderful, Amy!
Wow! Fantastic writing! I am so thankful that at this time in America we are able to homeschool without the police knocking down our door. Let's pray it never comes to that!
I like the international flavour of this piece, as well as the strong message it communicates. Well done!
The typo and the word left out seemed to become a "big nothing" after reading the story. A very interesting read.
Well done! This is definitely a subject that is "close to my heart." I may have to try my hand at this kind of story someday. Good job!