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Member Comments
Wonderful. My sister had to do this with my neice Renee. Such a difficult decision, but easier with faith in God.
Great piece of writing.
This is a beautiful, bittersweet story. You brought to life this very difficult but sometimes necessary desicion. Well done!
Seems like letting go is hardest for those who really love. Nice piece of work! I have to go find my tissues.
I love your line "What if she forgets that I love her?" So poignant, and the response is perfect.
Yes - that is my favorite line too. Poignant and heart provoking. A delicate issue handled with love and insight. Well written all the way.
This was so good! Very touching and very real for so many people. It is a story that carries so much truth and sadness all wrapped together. I also like how you slowly gave us clues as to her condition and the situation. Each time, I found myself saying 'oh, that's where she is going' developed it very well!
A heartbreaking story that was well told.
Very difficult moment to capture... and you've done it very well. Congrats on a great submission!
Captivating. Beautifully bittersweet. Your skillful story telling mesmerized this reader each step of the way.
Beautiful, heart-wrenching. The mama had taught her children well, especially the son. Great writing!
Not what I expected and thus the more impressive. Great characterisation. Yeggy