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I'd like to know whether or not this is a true story.
A true tearjerker that hit me in the heart like a bullet from the start. Such a bittersweet story, a gut-wrenching story, a heart-pounding love story.
God does still perform miracles everywhere, all the time, and this piece has reminded me of that. Well-written and very believable, that is, if it is fiction. But I can see it happening. Happens all the time with this glorious and gracious Friend and Papa we call God. Thanks for sharing such a heart-warming and mesmerizing message. You write sincerely and effectively. Blessings...
Hi all - Just wanted you to know that the story is fiction. Our God is amazing, and I do like happy endings.
Well written. Congratulations.
This gives me chills for many reasons. You initially drew me in because in a few hours my son is getting married (royal blue is the theme color too). I've been fretting over silly stuff. Your words were just what I needed to hear right now. I'm so impressed and even proud to see what an amazing talented writer you've blossomed into. The timing of this just reassures me of how present the Holy Spirit is in both of our lives and how much Jesus loves me to prompt you to right this story this week and to prompt me to read it hours before the ceremony. God is using you in huge ways and I'd guess in ways you might never suspect. Congratulations on your EC. Happiest of Happy Dance!