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Member Comments
What a unique point of view! You really brought the situation to life!
This was an excellent read...

Thanks for sharing,
I enjoy Biblical fiction and you did not disappoint. I enjoyed the point of view, and the wondering of how the king reacted.

Great job.
I enjoyed the retelling of the Bible story from a different viewpoint. I always kind of felt sorry for Uzza when I read about his accidentally touching the ark, but it reminds me of the awesome holiness of God and the absoluteness of His requirements. Telling the story in first person made it more real.
I could never write Biblical fiction, but clearly you can. Well done. :)
This is a great retelling. You did an awesome job of bringing it to life before my eyes. I think you did a great job of writing on topic and delivering a clear Christian message.
Well written and on topic. I enjoyed the unique viewpoint of this biblical fiction. Thanks for sharing.
I enjoy Biblical fiction, and have others have said, this was good.

Personally, I felt it got a bit "wordy" in places. But I think it also fits this type of story. So that's not necessarily a bad thing.

Great job with this.
I wish I could do Biblical fiction this well. Mine always comes out looking ridiculous and out of touch, but yours has a sense that these coversations could have taken place in real life. Very good job!
Wow - this is great. I think most of us know the story of bringing the ark back to Jerusalem very well, but you brought it to life, and gave an interesting twist on the topic for the week.

Way to go, Karls!
Congratulations, Karls! This was the obvious winner. Great job in the telling of this powerful moment.
Congratulations on placing 1st place in the Advanced category and 9th place overall, Karlene.

I think using first person was very effective in retelling this Bible story.

I noticed you used a "*" for an "o" in the word God. Is there a specific reason you did this?