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Member Comments
Love the way you played on the words rain and reign. Very clever way to look at a pivotal event in Christianity.

Well done.
Just wow! I had goosebumps from the 2nd paragraph on! Well done!
Oh! This is spectacular! The imagery and repeated words. (I think it did rain that day, making the blood appear to bathe the world.) Well done!
This is so powerful. I get goosebumps when I read it. I feel like I was right there. Beautiful and powerful.
This is the perfect crucifixion story. Kudos!
This was a powerful piece and emotional piece about the cruxification.

I liked how you repeated the phrase:

If only it would rain …

Vivid images.
This is compelling with powerful images. A very strong entry which I hope does well.
Wow and Wow!
This should be framed for all to read. Excellent wording and so powerfully moving.

Thank you.

I pray this scores well with the judges...

God bless~
Good imagery in this piece. You draw the reader in and do not disappoint. This is a strong piece. Well done.

This was such a moving and powerful entry.

I will remember this piece and

I put in my favorites. It spoke to my heart.

Congratulations on your 7th place finish in the advanced category.

If you look on the message boards you can see overall winners
Congratulations on ranking 7th in your level. Happy Dance.
This poem tore my heart in two.
Very thought provoking.