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Nice story - thanks for sharing.
This was really good! I had only a vague knowledge of this story, and I'm so glad to know it all, now.
This would make a great devotional. I enjoyed it.
One never leaves the FW site without having gained some knowledge! Thank you for sharing this great story. Well done!
A great story (and just happened to hear about this man last Sunday night at church. He was the answer to one of the triva questions pastor did for fun before his lesson) Well done -and we can't finish the race, if we never start :)
One of my favorite movies! And what a great devotional! Thought provoking and the way you've written this has made it easy to apply and understand a concept we don't usually think of. Good, good job!
I loved the way you wrote this! You made it easy to relate to by presenting the wonderful story at the start. Great job!
Well done, Jules. Thanks your gentle devotional comments and for the reminder about this inspiring man of God.
This was a really good thought-provoking piece. I'd heard that his style was pretty unorthodox but didn't seem to matter ... never really thought about applying it to life, but yes, it is very applicable.

My boss here is the nephew of three of the students and grandson of one parent interned in the same camp (my boss' father had already left school and the country at the time) and they all have very positive things to say about all that he did to keep up morale and faith in the internment camp too. A good finish indeed.
This is a great article.
It's not really a story but just a short article.
You should submit it somewhere Jules, as some type of devotional, thinking... article thing (man, I'm great with words huh?)
I don't think it gets the appreciation it deserves in the challenge, cause it's not the right market.
There is a right market for this type of writing. I just have no clue on the name of it!
You get me? :P