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I like the idea and the message but needs to flow more smoothly.
THe message is right on target! However, when you put that message in rhyme, if the poem doesn't flow, it takes the Reader's mind away from the Message and into the world of rhythmic disaster. Some verses did well, others not so well - but it was very creative and had an important message! God Bless!
You have shown God's patience and simplicity. Wish I could see things in the simple way that He does. Just start! That's all He asks, huh? Great message!
I doubt it was hated - maybe just hit all of us little too close to home! Some good lessons here! :)
I think this is wonderful: your repetition is very effective, and the rhythm is lilting. You picture a God with stubborn love. Thank you.
Bravo! Great message for all of us - step out by faith NOW. Wonderful Work!
Maybe I'm missing something but this flowed so well for me. I truely enjoyed this - all the way! (baby steps was one of my favorites! tehe! ;))Delightfully done to get the message across. Yes.
I love the message of this poem. What a great reminder to us all. I'm feeling a little convicted myself.
Great message. So... when does God want me to start? :-) Enjoyed this as a poem except for the line: 'make these wrong ways gone' which jarred for me. Yeggy
I'll agree that not all the rhyme and meter stuff was perfect, but I also really liked it anyway. It had enough rhyme to feel like poetry, but enough of a 'regular person talking to God' feel, that it made it more personal and easy to relate to.
I loved it!!!! ' Ease me to Your changes, Lord ' Heard that very thing many times ;) I think it is an easy poem for many to relate to and sends an important message.
Great take on the topic. My first reaction was toward the simple structure. But the message was right on target. A home run. Enjoyed it, although the lesson was a BIT too close to home!