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I love the challenge at the end ... just in case the reader thought s/he could pretend not to be challenged, there it was saying, 'Stop ... examine yourself ... act on it'. Your article was well written and the descriptions were great. I could picture each woman's house including the vacuum cleaner lines in the first home and the residue of dust in the second home. I was challenged through your writing, but not about being perfectionistic with housekeeping (because I'm definitely not). Generally about having the right heart and attitude to guests ws the challenge to me. I don't care about the mess, but sometimes resent the time required ... it depends on the guest. But like the first Smith, how much do I miss out on by being stressed about it all...... A timely reminder (have a house guest staying later this week). Had best go and clean up and plan the food but with a good attitude! Thanks for the challenge.
Beautiful, Lynda. I love this entry. Honestly, I don't think you needed the questions at the end, the story communicated the point clearly. But they didn't hurt anything either. Powerful stuff. You are awesome!
Like Mary and Martha...this story captures the choices and priorities we face. I probably fall somewhere in between these two much of the time. But what is the real goal in being a "hostess"??? I'm thinking about it.