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Heartbreaking, well-written piece!
A terribly tragic and horrible reality. A hard topic to tackle but you did it extremely well.
I have read about China's forced abortion policy but I didn't know it was still going on. How anyone could choose abortion when in some countries there is no choice... The last line was just the right ending to this tragedy.
Oh my goodness. This is one of those articles that you don't know what to say because words can't do it justice. It was amazing. Hardbreaking, beautifully written. Incredible. I hope this wins.
Oh, my heart is breaking. Yes, perfect last line.

I've known women in exactly this position. Only the ones I've known have gone in willingly, much earlier. But I've known of friends who've been far from willing. This brings it back powerfully.

What a tragedy - but your writing is excellent.
Oh wow - this one really got to me. Simply heartbreaking.
A tragic story, and masterful writing.
A masterpiece! Tragically beautiful - beautifully tragic. Awesome.
Very strong writing... could have a chance at the circle. You have great skill... communicated so much with your dialogue. Excellent!
This is brilliantly written, with a heart-breaking message. Great job!
Jules my friend, you just get better and better. Brilliant. Tragic story, can hardly bear to think about it, but brilliant writing.
:) Karen
Nice work Jules. Nice title. Nice last line...
What a piece! Sad but very well written. Congratulations.