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What can I say? This is so beautiful and wise. So deep in pain that is holding on to the only Hope that makes any sense. Beautifully tragic, mended by a tragically beautiful death of our Saviour. Words to read again.
Wow! This poem is so full of emotion. From despair to hope - I love it! And it's a poem that I'm sure will touch many grieving hearts.
Wow. Powerful poem. Well done and thank you!
Amazing poetry. What a gift! Your words touch deeply.
A very powerful poem.
If C S Lewis had written poetry (I think of his book A Grief Observed) he would have written something like this, Evocative, wonderfully haunting - this will stay with me.
Once again, your poetry transports me. Perfect in every way. I just love the way you write free verse, but play with rhymes and other loetic devices; I want to learn that skill. You have been given a very precious gift.

Loved this line, what a perfect picture of what grief does:

Grief’s bitter draw pulls at every prior pleasure...
I wish I was more knowledgable in poetry to give you a detailed review. But all I can say is I loved it. To me, this is poetry at its finest. Wonderful!
Blessings, Lynda
Wow! "..where Death held captive Love's embrace..." I love it! You have an uncanny way of seeing deep into an emotional state and gettign at the heart of our feelings.
Very well done!!!

Very moving. Within the boundaries of time and space, grief can seem unbearable. But what a wonderful God we have...there is no grief in eternity for those who belong to him. Brings to mind Romans 8:18 (NIV) - "I consider that our present sufferings are not worth comparing with the glory that will be revealed in us." Thank you for sharing this beautiful poem.
Well done, thank you.
This is really good and may just be a contender. You have captured an emotion and given hope. Excellent.
Beautiful ... just beautiful. And deep. I hope this gets used somehow ... perhaps published somewhere ... whatever, used to bring comfort in grief.
What can I say other than "Wow!", "Awesome!", "Incredible!", "Amazing!". You have a real talent. I agree with Suz - this should be published. It really is an inspiring piece. Well done.
You have a gift indeed, Shared amongst so many. As the Lord speaks, "Be prosperous in your soul." His purpose speaks of plenty.
So that, out of our hearts, to others we share. Our due service charity, with faith lifting up each burden we bear.
A tribute to the ones that have went on before, still they have left behind a work, which was carried on in you.
So, I see this as though, a gift..their gift to you, intertwined with your unique talent. For our loss, is also our gain in Christ Jesus. You wouldn't perhaps have written this beautiful, sincere, heartfelt poem if a corn of wheat hadn't fallen to the ground and died. Now, it bears much fruit altogether, not alone but with a multitude.
I have to add my humble admiration to the rest--but more so to the one the one we love the best. Thank you for sharing..littlelight
You captured it well. Going through the entire flow of emotions in such a situation, you have to be living in it. Way to connect. Thank you.