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The FaithWriters Writing Challenge and contest for Christian Writers!
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Bravo, this one is solid throughout. I loved the third verse rhyme scheme, how clever.
What a lovely worded reminder of God's omnipresence, omiscience, and sovereignty! Excellent rhythm and rhyme throughout. This one should be in a poetry anthology!
Oh, what a beautiful message in beautifully written rhyme and meter! A pure joy!
Well said, well done and a joy to read! Excellence!
Beautiful. I loved this...

"There is no place, no dreadful space
Where Godís love canít be found
Itís long and high and deep and wide
Canít be contained or bound"

Well done.
Very nice
This is just gorgeous.
This was beautiful! Wow. It read so smoothly. I love it.
Wow ... this is wonderful. It reads like a hymn. Put music to it and sing it in church on Sunday. Beautiful!
Yes, what Maxx said! Lovely!
This poem was so well-constructed - loved every word. So much truth and power packed in so few words. Excellent!
This is lovely- I like the repetition of kinds of space- brings new meaning to our theme...

I agree- put it to music!!!!
Congratulations Anita! This has the Holy Spirit all over it.
Very well done. Congratulations! :0)
Congratulations! I'm especially thrilled that a poet won it! I read so many comments that say "I'm not into poetry", or "I don't usually read poems, but.."; anyway, It was a beautiful one, and very well done! Kudos!
Adding my congratulations. Hadn't read this during the week. It is perfect- wonderful truth wrapped up in a lovely poem.
Congratulations! I love the third stanza! He does have EVERYTHING in His hands.
Exquisite Anita!
I wasn't surprised to see from your profile that you're a musician ... this sure does flow like music, and has content to equal many of those glorious hymns that have lasted for generations.

Congratulations on your win. Now, how do you go about getting it into the churches? (Oh ... and a melody ... but you can do that easily, I'm sure!)
Flows. I like. Congrats.
So simple, so beautiful! Jo
Congratulations! This is wonderfully lovely.He reigns in might.
Congrats on a well-deserved win. This was beautiful.