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Great job! I relate to this one too well (insert blushing emoticon here). Very believable characters/scenario with a strong message.
The writing is really good here; you've got a very good touch with dialog. The situation is very familiar; perhaps to make it stand out you should add something UNfamiliar.

Excellent ending--love the ironic touch.
Ouch! Huge truth... and so sad that we don't always see it. Thank you for the reminder.
I love this. It hits close to home with a great point.
I could picture this all the way through. Realistic and well written. Great ending.
A very vivid slice of life for sure! I felt like I was right there. Come to think of it, I have been! LOL! It's been a few years ago though :) Excellent writing!
Wonderful story! Yes, you really brought Rupee to life! Excellent characterization skill. Loved this!
Oops! I goofed! :)
Very true to life! And I liked the way it wasn't overly predictable in the mother totally losing her temper.

Congratulations on getting this published in THE book!!!
congrats to you! This is real life for sure. Must you convict us so?
Don't we often say: I will do better next time ... a well written story of what not to do (easier said than done). Good characterization and bringing them to life.
Very nicely done. I like the way you used the word "control" and how we often struggle to keep it instead of mastering it. Congrats!
Congratulations, my friend! The title indeed sums this story up. Well made point. Good job!
Very excellent! I love the end where the mother finds that she is talking to herself as she talks to her kids. I wish you had more than 750 word to work with. I want to know what happens next. Does dad get home in time? Don't leave me like this!
Meal times! A realistic and graphic look at how quickly they can become a disaster. Really felt for Jeremy, I just wanted to hug him. Love the irony at the end, too. Congratulations, it's well deserved. Yeggy